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Stemford Flood Cleanup Service

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Expert water & fire damage restoration, sewage backup and mold removal services in Stemford, CT. 24/7 response, qualified staff, affordable cost.

Water Damage? You Can Count On Us

Water damage is hard to cope with - whether it’s a burst pipe, a blocked toilet, a leaking sink or a huge flood after adverse weather. can really harm your property. Don’t worry - our technicians are skilled at their work. They will use industrial pumps, dehumidifiers and desiccant dryers (useful for restoring personal possessions like books and documents) to get your property back in shape. Our thermal fogging machines and antiviral cleaning solutions are also ideal for disinfecting and sanitizing. Don’t let water damage turn to mold and cause havoc in your life - call us straightaway!

Suspect Mold? Call A Professional Immediately.

If you find mold in your property, you need to call a professional immediately. It might have occurred as a result of flooding, damp or excess moisture (mold thrives on water) but it is extremely dangerous, if not treated. It can cause respiratory infections, skin rashes and provoke allergies and reproduces very fast. Our technicians will seal off the endangered area, kill the mold with HEPA filtration equipment and destroy any airborne spores with special air scrubbing machinery. They will be wearing PPE and, if necessary, will take swab tests and moisture readings for the purposes of an insurance claim. So if you suspect mold, don’t even think about touching us. Just call us immediately.

Sewage CleanUp - Our 24/7 Service

A sewage backup can cause you untold misery - not only can it ruin your property, it is also a huge danger to your health. That’s why we offer an emergency call out service, throughout Stemford and wider CT, to tackle the problem fast. We will eradicate the foul smell and contaminated water, by cleaning up and then disinfecting all areas, making sure that bacteria, mold and any other dangerous pathogens are quickly removed. Our technicians wear protective clothing and use industrial equipment and will also sanitize and deodorize your property thoroughly. Don’t even attempt to deal with mold yourself - call professionals like ourselves!

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Our Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration Service

Fire damage is very hard to deal with - not only have your possessions been burnt but your property will be in a terrible condition. Cleaning up is a long, difficult and unpleasant process, and the smoke, soot and ash left behind needs to be dealt with by people who know what they are doing. We offer a comprehensive fire damage service, including area inspection and assessment, board-up, water removal and drying out, ash, soot and smoke removal and a thorough cleaning and repair. Our technicians are well-qualified and will make the cleaning and sanitizing of your property a priority.


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We are just a phone call away and offer a 24/7 service. We know how difficult times like these are and have years of experience helping clients through this hard time. Stemford Flood Cleanup Service - Offering Emergency Water & Fire Restoration, Sewage Clean-Up and Mold Removal Services in Stemford, CT.

Stemford Flood Cleanup Service

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